Extension Cords For Powered Speakers

Powered Speakers And Other Electronic Equipment Use A Special Connector Called An IEC Connector

IEC Connector for powered speakers

This connector, shaped slightly different from standard male plugs needs the special mating IEC female plug. Use Hosa PWC series cables with this equipment and eliminate the need for a second extension cord. IEC connectors have the same current handling capacity as standard plugs, known as Edison plugs.

This is the connector found on powered speakers from JBL, Mackie, Behringer, EV and many more.

The IEC connector is also found on lots of other audio-visual, electronic and computer equipment.

Most powered speakers and other audio equipment are sold with very short cables and require the addition of an extension cord in most cases. Using IEC connector equipped power cables eliminate the need for an extra extension cord and do away with the possibility of the added cable becoming disconnected while in use.

We also offer an Edison to IEC adapter. IEC To Edison Adapter

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