What Is An IEC Connector?

IEC Connectors Are Commonly Found On Electronic Equipment.

IEC Connector


Unlike a conventional extension cord, and IEC connector is designed to be attached directly to a piece of equipment. Grounded IEC connectors have three flat blades and are intended to interface with the recessed power connector (male) found on the back of computers, powered speakers, and lots of electronic equipment.

While there are actually many different connectors designated as IEC, the most common are IEC C13 and IEC C14. Our Hosa power cables are equipped with IEC C13 female connectors and will work with most consumer and professional equipment using the USA 110 volt electrical standard.

The male end of these cables is equipped with a male Edison connector (NEMA 5-15) which is intended to plug into a standard 3 pin (grounded) wall outlet.

If you are interested in a more detailed examination of the IEC connector, take a look at this article in Wikipedia.

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