Long Term Storage

Extension Cord From BuyExtensionCord.com

The holidays see lots of extension cords that get used only once a year. In the next week or so most people will finish the task of “undecorating” for the holidays and it will be time to put most of your extension cords into storage.

Here are a couple of tips to make sure those cables are ready when the next holiday season rolls around.

Take the time to coil them carefully. If they are very cold, bring them inside to warm up for a few hours before coiling. This will let you work out the kinks and insure that the jackets are not so brittle that they will crack.

Go ahead and make repairs now. If the extension cord jacket is damaged or the connectors are bent, fix them before you forget that repairs are needed. You’ll probably be a lot busier next December than you are now.

Store them where rodents can’t get to them. Mice and squirrels need to constantly sharpen their teeth, and rubber and pvc cable jackets are perfect for meeting this need.

Finally, store them away from direct sunlight. UV radiation will cause the jacket material to break down and that has a negative impact on the life of the cable.

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